Nov 9, 2004

A Very Digital Christmas Ahead in 2004

Investor's Business Daily earlier reported digital cameras look like they'll be the hot gift item for consumers playing Santa this holiday season, according to their recent poll.

The digital camera manufacturers know it too. Early season competition is heating up rapidly. Nikon is now offering rebates on their D-SLRs and lenses, including $100 off the excellent D70. Canon also has rebates going for their cameras and lenses. As well, Canon has released a limited edition of the extremely successful EOS 300D Digital Rebel dressed in black. These will fly off the shelves as will the Nikons. Oh, and don't forget those deeply discounted bargains, the Canon A75 and A85. Very good cameras for the money. chief executive Jeff Bezos on Tuesday said the online retailer was poised for record holiday sales, with MP3 players and digital cameras leading the way as this year's hot gift items.

"I think we will have a record holiday season," Bezos told Reuters in an interview in Los Angeles. "This will be our 10th holiday season and every year has been bigger than the prior one...and I see no reason to expect a change this year."

Happy shopping!
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