Nov 12, 2004

Six 5 Megapixel Point and Shoot Digital Cameras Compared

Review: The Smallest 5MP Shooters
written by Hahn Choi on Friday, November 05, 2004

We Round Up Six 5MP Cameras

A point-and-shoot digital camera should be like a cell phone and slip easily into a pocket. After all, if a camera puts a happy-to-see-you bulge in your pocket, you probably won't be carrying it to capture those precious moments. That's where these pint sized shooters come in. Now topping 5-megapixels, these tiny cameras can be with you all the time – a daily shooter if you will. Best of all, you'll be able to print 11 by 17's of those memories.

Six Cameras Came to Play

Wow, what a turnout! We put the call out for small 5-megapixels and six responded. More work for us, but better for you. Click here too see how their specs compare.

With so many cameras, we decided to break it down into four categories: Hated It, Won't Disappoint, and Love It. Size and features are important factors to consider, but in the end, picture quality reigns supreme.

Our testing procedure is simple: Take lots of pictures, print them out in 8 x 10 or larger and compare. We leave everything in automatic mode because that's how most point-and-shoot cameras are used. When was the last time you saw somebody white-balance before taking a shot? Canon sent us the i9900, a killer eight-cartridge inkjet print for making awesome prints.

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