Nov 28, 2004

Reader Satisfaction Survey - Digital Cameras

PC Magazine has a great article about how their readers rate different digital cameras.

"There's nothing hotter than digital cameras. Market research predictions for their total holiday sales are astronomical; the number one planned consumer electronics gift item for this year is the digital camera, displacing DVD players, according to the Consumer Electronics Association. Our survey bears this out: 25 percent of respondents who own a digital camera plan to replace it within the next year. Camera makers are racing to stake out positions in the many niches of this rapidly expanding market. Our readers show a corresponding level of enthusiasm about their cameras in this survey. But they also share some camera gripes, especially when it comes to speed and battery life.

We award Canon our Readers' Choice for its consistently high scores. The company, along with Nikon, earns the highest "overall rating" score. Canon gets the highest "overall reliability" score, and it fares better in more subcategories, which gives it the edge over Nikon, whose products also need more repairs than Canon's. Both companies' D-SLRs receive high scores; but in this category Nikon holds the lead, likely driven..."

The Nikon D70 swept up 5 stars and an Editors' Choice when we reviewed it on its own, and for good reason—this 6.1-megapixel digital SLR has nearly all the features a professional would want, fires off shots as fast as any film SLR, produces very good images, and won't make you pawn your mother's wedding ring.
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