Nov 30, 2004

Qimage gets a brand new engine and new features

Another major Qimage update
Qimage have released a new version today with some fairly significant updates. A major redesign of the internal image processing algorithms has put a brand new powerplant under the hood of an already great product.

This version is reported to be both faster and less memory intensive than prior versions. You'll see a performance increase of about 30% or better on many operations such as printing and will see some operations finish up to 5 times faster than before, all while using less memory (RAM and hard drive scratch space) than ever before.

-Professional Quality Prints from Originals
-Auto-Sizing: No More Resampling or DPI Worries
-Multiple Prints/Sizes Per Page, Including Posters
-Image Viewing/Comparing
-Full Color Management (ICC) Support
-Free Lifetime Upgrades/Support
-Used/Recommended by Professional Photographers
-Digital Camera Specific ICC Profiles Available
-Pre-made ICC profiles for various printers/media