Nov 4, 2004

P2P comes to Digital Photo Software

The innovative Qurio Instant Photo Server uses web technologies to create a photo server that runs right on you own PC. This means you can manage all of your online photo sharing directly from the security of your own PC. There’s no need to use email attachments or waste time uploading pictures to someone else’s remote website. Simply import pictures into Qurio and send an email invitation. Qurio assigns your PC a unique web address, which guests click on to instantly view your Qurio Online Photo Album.

Qurio, Better Digital Photography

Consumer testing shows sharing pictures with Qurio can be 5 to 10 times faster than using email or online photo services. For example, a PC folder with 25 pictures at 3.2 megapixel resolution can be imported into Qurio and shared in less than 1 minute. Compare sharing in less than 1 minute with Qurio to email and on online services. Uploading even just a handful of photos to a host site is painful at best, and sometimes the compression done for you is devastating to the photo quality.

I'm sure going to check this out. My first question is, what about my trusty firewall?

Better Digital Photography