Nov 14, 2004

Middle America Lagging Behind on Digital Imaging

' The digital revolution has changed the way people take and process pictures. Last year was the first year digital camera sales overtook film cameras in the United States.

Bob Hanson, owner of Harold's Photo in Sioux Falls, said people like digital photography because they can see their pictures right away and can do touchup work on the images with their computers.

Mark Griffin of Lewis Drug agreed the digital trend is sweeping the nation. But the middle of the country is a little behind, he said, adding that many people still rely on their film cameras.

"A lot of people shoot both ways, and there is still a large market for film and traditional photo finishing. I don't think you'll see that go away for quite some time," Griffin said.

Photo processors now offer more digital services. Most drug, discount and warehouse stores allow customers to select and print only the photos they want.

"And with high-quality digital cameras becoming more affordable, more people are making the switch to digital," Hanson said.'

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