Nov 29, 2004

Free Online Photo Gallery with 200MB

A website that calls itself DarwinOnline is providing users 200 MB of free storage space in which to upload your photos. Galleries are intended to allow users to display their photos and view the work of others.

Information about the site is scant but they note:
  1. Any images uploaded by a user remain the property of that user or whatever party holds the copyright.
  2. Do not upload images you take from other web sites. Those are copyrighted.
  3. Do not upload pornography. It is copyrighted. Collect it on your own hard drive.

The underlying technology being used for the site is Coppermine. Coppermine is a multi-purpose web picture gallery script written in PHP using GD or ImageMagick libraries with a MySQL backend. My experience with this site is that it has been a little unstable.

Check them out at DarwinOnline

If you want a little more power and flexibility than this, check out PBase and/or Smugmug.