Nov 26, 2004

Digital photography means never taking a bad picture again


The time has come for all of us to move into the 21st century and buy a digital camera. Sadly, your 35mm camera is a dinosaur. Don't throw it away, donate it to a museum.

I know little about cameras. I once had enough 35mm camera equipment to fill a small SUV. Today I own a digital camera no bigger than a wallet and it does more than my 35mm ever did.

I know there is a lot to learn about digital photography, so I signed up for class eagerly. There were about 15 other students.

The teacher tells us her primary goal is to reduce our fear of using our new equipment. Her experience tells her that most of us are so afraid of damaging some electronic component we cannot relax and learn. We are told to assume we can do no harm without a hammer.

I slip my mallet back into my bag.
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