Nov 7, 2004

Create a family portrait for the holidays

Why not make a special effort this year to create a family portrait to include in your holiday cards? With your digital camera and a little planning, your cards will sing with creativity and a personal touch that will make you the envy of your social circle. Ok, that's a stretch maybe,but still, they will be momentos for some time to come.

First, think ahead about how you'll incorporate a family portrait into your holiday greetings. Will you simply enclose a print along with your store-bought holiday cards? Or will the portrait become an integral part of a homemade holiday greeting? Also, plan accordingly when you create your family portrait--horizontal photos are best for a top-fold greeting card, while a vertical format might be better if you're planning a side-fold card.

Why not create a theme? It could be as funny as baseball attire for the entire family, or as silly as Rudolph noses for everyone or it could be a photo from a major family event in the past year.

Photo collages of the scattered family
Even if your son is three states away in college, or your daughter is overseas, a recent snapshot is all you need to include them in your holiday portrait. A montage of photos, assembled using a photo-editing software package such as Photoshop, can be just as much fun (if not more) as a traditional group shot.
Think about what might convey the most unified look, if that's your intent. For instance, if only one family member is away, photograph everyone individually to de-emphasize their distance.

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