Nov 23, 2004

Canon Powershot S70 Review

Digital Photography Blog has just posted a review of the Canon Powershot S70 digital camera.

"First Impressions of layout and design

Its stylish black exterior and traditional camera design will appeal to many. It feels nice and solid, even weighted, and robust enough to handle a few bumps during its lifetime.

Turning the S70 on and off is a simple matter of a sliding cover over the lens, which also serves to protect the glass. As with all Canon cameras I’ve used, the buttons and menus are very simple to use, with anyone being able to pick this camera up and operate it confidently after a matter of minutes.

One thing I noted straight away was its lack of a handgrip on the shutter release side. For many people this won’t be a problem, however if you’re used to SLR cameras (or even the “A” or “G” series Canon cameras for that matter), then you’ll really feel the difference."
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