Nov 13, 2004

Canon G6 full review at DCViews

Canon G6 review: "As we have come to expect from most major manufacturers, the introduction of new features in the digital camera market necessitates an update of previous models. The same is true for Canon's latest model in the G-series. After four very successful models - there never was a G4 - it is now time for the Canon G6. As compared to the G5, Canon's latest model has gained a 7.1 effective megapixel sensor made by Sony, whereas the body has been redesigned into a more compact shape. Autofocus times have been improved and the camera now uses the 9-point AiAF system as used in most other Canon models. With a more powerful battery, a larger 2-inch LCD screen and the possibility of RAW and JPEG image formats, the camera is sure to satisfy even the most demanding photographer. Add to this the excellent image quality we have come to expect from Canon and you really can't go wrong with this one."