Nov 22, 2004

'Awesome' SLR digital cameras let you snap faster

By Jefferson Graham, USA TODAY
Yahoo! News - 'Awesome' SLR digital cameras let you snap faster: "Awesome' SLR digital cameras let you snap faster"

Joey Atilano's compact digital camera wasn't cutting it.

He liked to shoot pictures of his cousin's high school football games but found that he missed many shots because of the long time it took the shutter to fire. So he upgraded to a $1,000 single lens reflex, or SLR, camera like professional photographers use - a full-featured tool that enables him to shoot multiple pictures in a row to capture the action.

With a digital SLR, "You can take much more artistic photos," says Atilano, 29. "They're just awesome."

Glance at the ads for consumer electronics stores this holiday season, and you'll surely see lots of space given to the digital SLR category. Besides being higher-profit-margin items for retailers, they're also objects of great desire among consumers bitten by the digital bug.

Digital SLRs "are a very hot category right now," says Jerry Grossman, vice president of marketing for photographic powerhouse Nikon. "These cameras are hitting a real sweet spot for people who were afraid of making the investment and waiting for the chance to use their old lenses from film cameras in digital."

No. 1 camera seller Canon kicked the category into gear last year with its EOS 300D Digital Rebel. It was the first digital SLR to sell for under $1,000 at a time when most in the category were $2,000 and up.

When Popular Photography and Imaging put the 300D on its cover, "It was our best-selling issue in 10 years," says Michael McNamara, the magazine's technology editor. "There was a real pent-up demand for this kind of camera."

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