Nov 29, 2004

Amateurs set new trend with high-end cameras

It is inevitable that the scene attracted attention from curious onlookers. A huddle of people brandishing heavy cameras are taking a shot of a model at the Namsan Hanok Village in downtown Seoul.

As the teenage model shifts her poses, cameramen also change their positions. Some step toward the model, another lying on the ground with his camera upside down, and others changing their lenses frantically.

Welcome to the whole new world of amateur digital SLR camera clubs. SLR refers to single lens reflex, which is largely used for taking professional photos with full manual functions. But analog-type SLR camera market is rapidly declining in Korea with the remarkable surge of digital competitors.

Digital SLR cameras are not cheap: Mainstream models range from 1.2 million won to 2 million won. But users can take as many pictures as they want and if they don't like the picture, they can simply delete and shoot again.

With digital SLR users growing at a brisk pace, a new fad is looming large - amateur model photo sessions. At the Namsan Hanok Village, 24 digital SLR users, all of whom belong to, one of the country's largest offline and online digital SLR camera clubs, join the weekly outing to learn and practice portrait photography.
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