Oct 27, 2004

Photographing the Lunar Eclipse tonight - TIPS

Here's your last chance for three years to capture a total lunar eclipse if you're in North America.

Find out how to do it right at:
Photographing the Lunar Eclipse - Bill Kramer

Photography of a lunar eclipse event is easy, provided you have the right equipment. The light of the full moon is intense and capable of illuminating ground objects and casting a shadow. As a result, a normal camera with ASA 400 or better film can be used to show dramatic effects with people, houses and trees in the foreground. But the best lunar eclipse pictures result when using a longer focal length lens.

Very nice images of the lunar eclipse can be obtained using a basic telescope with camera adapter, especially during the partial phases. But to get good images of the total eclipse phase you really need a telescope with guiding. The reason is simple, you will want to use a decent sized lens system and you will need to use longer exposures during totality than can be made without tracking.