Oct 1, 2004

Nikon D70 buyers remorse?

Comparing the Nikon D70 with Canon 20D

Clint Thayer has written a fine piece here about the Canon 20D compared to the Nikon D70 (which I own).

In the beginning it’s always easy. You purchase your camera, get it home, charge up the battery and start shooting. But wait! You log in to your computer and you realize you’ve just make a HUGE mistake. Yet another camera was just announced that has more features, higher resolution and works faster! Now you may be depressed. You start doubting your decision on the camera you just bought and you’ve hardly read the owners manual yet. Sound familiar?

I’m sure many folks out there are in this quandary with the Nikon D70 being ancient by today’s standards of pulp cameras. After all, don’t you deserve the best? Let’s take a look at both of these cameras in a common sense approach that may serve to help you make your decisions. Click to read more