Oct 16, 2004

Cleaning CCDs by Thom Hogan

Cleaning CCDs by Thom Hogan: "Cleaning your Sensor

Are those spots you're seeing, or have the dreaded dust bunnies inhabited your camera?

This article applies to all Nikon-based digital SLR bodies (D1, D1h, D1x, D2h, D2x, D70, D100, S1, S2, S3, 14n, 14nx, and SLR/n). It probably also applies to other DSLRs, as well, but since I don't own (many of) them I won't speak to applicability.

It happens to all of us: eventually you'll find an image that, on close inspection, seems to have gotten the freckles. No, you don't have bad photosites on your CCD, you have dust on the sensor filter."