Oct 3, 2004

Cam2PC review - digital imaging tools

I love this tool.
They have a freeware version that is quite functional with no nags - congratulations Nabocorp!

Cam2PC review - digital imaging tools from NaboCorp: Cam2PC is a complete solution for digital camera owners that allows you to download, manage, edit, share and view images from your digital camera. The software will automatically detect your camera, create the destination directory and transfer your images - all in a single click and based on your preferences. You can then browse the images, run a slideshow, organize them in photo albums, print them, view EXIF data, batch process them and more. Cam2PC also includes several image editing options that allow you to easily improve colors and contrast, remove RedEye and more using a side by side comparison with the original image. Additional features include lossless JPEG rotation, EXE and PDF slideshows, picture emailing, create screensavers, web galleries and more. A well featured all-around digital imaging tool!

I say this is a must have, for the image transfer agent alone. It quietly sits in the system tray (not hogging resources though) and as soon as you plug in your camera or card reader - wham, it starts the transfer. I have mine configured so that each photo gets renamed by date/time and transfers into a dated directory - awesome! Ditch the stuff your camera came with - Camera makers generally package crap with their digital offerings. Get this. Now.