Sep 7, 2004

My PBase Workflow

Many folks wonder what the best way to post their photos to is. PBase is a wonderful photo-hosting service that I personally subscribe to; they are affordable and simple to use.

One thing PBase does automatically is store several different sizes of your uploaded images to accommodate the bandwidth differences many users have. Some folks only have dial-up Internet connections so they usually prefer to view slightly smaller images online. Those with broadband often like to view the full-size photo.

PBase takes the photo you upload and internally generates alternate sizes for you. You can then select your preference of the size you wish to view. The problem is, bypasses method of resizing these images is anything but sophisticated. After uploading your beautiful images to PBase, you may be disappointed by what you see when browsing them.

Here's what I do.
I re-size my photo before uploading, using the far more sophisticated program ACDSee. Photoshop and a multitude of others do an even better job! I choose to resize all of my photos to a maximum height or width of 800 pixels. Be careful to maintain the same aspect ratio in this step, most programs will have an option box to check for this. I save these smaller photos to a temporary location on my system as to not over-write my originals, then upload these to PBase.

Another benefit in my mind of doing this is that you have not placed your full-sized image online. I don't know about you, but I prefer to keep my originals to myself, and if anyone requests the full-sized image, well, I print it for them and sell it to them! No one gets my originals.